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At Authentic Chai we offer a full line of chai tea beverages, flavored tea, and flavored beverages. These soothing and healthy chai products are are available in convenient sizes:

  • 1 pound cans
  • cases of twelve 1 pound cans
  • boxes containing 50 individual 1.2 oz. envelopes

Chai flavors include chocolate chai, vanilla chai, peach chai, banana chai, and spiced chai. Click here to look at our complete catalog.

History of Chai

What is the history of this ever-popular drink? Chai Latte has become a staple of coffee shops and tea houses, but find out its humble origins...(more)
See our recipe page for creative, soothing, and healthy Authentic Chai recipes. You will be amazed at the hundreds of possible uses from exotic drinks to apple pie...(more)
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Chai Latte Parties
Ever considered a Chai Latte Party? Invite friends around to sample Authentic Chai Latte Mix and share the experience...(more)

We pride ourselves on delivering the best products with excellent service. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our product and service, or any other products you would like us to offer, please contact us.

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"It's the perfect start to my day. I am energized for the day ahead"
Melissa K., New York

"When I am on the run during my busy day, your chai latte hits the spot"
John D., Los Angeles

"Authentic Chai is my ideal afternoon pick-me-up, and it's delicious"
Mike R., Houston