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Chai & Beverage Warehouse is part of CB Foods, who has been creating powdered beverages and juice concentrates for over 25 years.

We are commited to excellence in everything we do, and we believe our products are evidence of that.

History of Chai

Chai (Hindi: चाय) is the pan-Indian (Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, etc.) word for tea. In English, the term is used to refer to what is more properly known as masala chai (Hindi (मसाला चाय [masālā chaiy], "spiced tea"). Chai is also a standard term for "tea" in many other Eastern languages, including Arabic, Persian, Kurdish, Urdu and Swahili, as well as in such non-Eastern languages as Greek (τσάι), Albanian (qaj), Russian (чай), Serbian (чај) or Slovak (čaj).
Various forms of tea are available in India, the most famous being masala chai, masala being the pan-Indian, particularly North and East Indian word for spice, and the spice mixture is sold as chai masala. In India, chai is more popular than coffee. It is also a relatively popular beverage in coffeehouses in other countries.

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