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Please look at some of the delicious recipes below. If you have a recipe, please tell us about it.

Authentic Chai Recipes

Authentic Chai Hot: Add 1.2 oz. of Chai powder to 8-10 oz. of hot water. Stir.....

Authentic Chai Coffee: Add 1 oz. of Chai powder to your morning, afternoon, or evening coffee!

Authentic Chai Twist: Add a splash of one of your favorite flavored syrups to Authentic Chai hot!

Authentic Chai Float: Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream to a hot cup of Chai!

Authentic Chai Milkshake: Prepare a vanilla milkshake, add 1.2 oz. of Authentic Chai and blend until dissolved.

Authentic Chai Frozen: Add in a blender: 1.2 oz. of Authentic Chai powder, 4 oz. of water and 8oz of ice. Blend until smooth.

Try one of the following Chai Slide recipes for something with a little kick!:

The Original Authentic Chai Slide: Add in a blender: 1 oz. of Chai powder, 6 oz. of ice, 2 oz of water and a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream.

Nutty Chai Slide: Add a splash of Frangelico to an Authentic Chai Slide!

Raspberry Chai Slide: Add a splash of Chambord to an Authentic Chai Slide.

Almond Chai Slide: Add a splash of Amaretto to an Authentic Chai Slide.

Vanilla Chai Slide: Add a splash of Liquor 43 to an Authentic Chai Slide.

Berry-Berry Chai Slide: Add a splash of your favorite schnapps such as Blueberry, Strawberry or Barringer's Apple to an Authentic Chai Slide.

Try sprinkling Authentic Chai on top some of your favorite breakfast foods like French Toast, Waffles, Pancakes, or Oatmeal. Also, try mixing Authentic Chai into some of your favorite deserts like Cakes, Cookies, Mousses and Pies!!!

Authentic Chai Latte Parties
Whenever you get a group of friends together for a Jewellery, Clothes, or Tupperware Party - why not add an Authentic Chai Latte Party? Order by the case for a discounted price and get your friends to try out different recipes!
Send a picture of your Authentic Chai Latte Party with a new recipe and we will send you a free 1lb can of Authentic Chai Latte with your next order.

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